Paypal Balance Transfer
Paypal Balance Transfer
Paypal Balance Transfer

How to take the most from PacketStream on Windows? $0.10 per GB



PacketStream is a software that turns your computer into a proxy. Basicaly what you need to do is visit the link below and download PacketStream. Then install, create a account and let the program run in the background. To increase your earnings invite people to use PacketStream.

PacketStream - Make up to $0.10 per GB. Minimum Payout $5.00

  • Earn $0.10 for each GB shared on PacketStream
  • $5.00 minimum cashout threshold
  • Cashout via Paypal
  • Available worldwide in all geo locationss
  • Residential/mobile/school/cafe IPs only
  • If multiple Packeters are on the same IP only one will be credited
  • Download the Windows or Mac app to get started
Register and download: